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The DTG Process:

What kind of printing technology is DTG?

Think of Direct-to-Garment printing as a larger, more complicated version of your inkjet printer at home, made specifically for apparel instead of paper. It uses the latest drop-on-demand inkjet printing technology and garment handling system, specifically designed for garment printing. It prints directly on garments using a high speed print heads with 1,440 nozzles. Using variable ink drop size, the print head can jet large and small volume ink drops at ultra high speed suitable for the specific textile material being printed.  The ink is water-based, producing a soft, ‘non-plasticky’ feel. 

Does this printing process involve heat?

Nope. In the past there was an inkjet printing method which prints images on transfer paper, which then was transferred to garments with a heat press. This is called heat transfer or iron-on. As opposed to heat transfer or iron-on, our DTG printer prints by jetting multi-color inks directly on garments.  We do heat press the garment after the printing, to ‘seal the deal’ for washability.

What else can I print on?

DTG printing can be done on almost anything cotton, and some polyesters.  This includes but is not limited to hoodies, jackets, tote bags, towels, aprons and more. Here’s the added bonus…we also print on art canvases!  A full color image is printed on 12×16 canvas paper, treated with a post-print textured coating that feels like the real thing. This can later be stretched onto a wood frame, or mounted in a standard picture frame.  This is really cool for band posters, artist prints, and photos.  Our graphics dept. would be happy to create a photo collage of your photos.

Will the print crack or flake off when I wash it?

No way Jose.  The ink is water-based, penetrating the fabric, giving it awesome washability.  It will not peel or crack like silkscreen or heat transfer prints.


Where are you located?

We are in Los Angeles. You’ll need to account for this when calculating your shipping costs.

Will you ship my orders to my customers?

Sorry, no can do. We do not offer “fulfillment services” which means we process your orders and ship printed garments to your customers. We only offer the printing service. They can be small orders and as often as you like; however we will ship them to your location only.

Do I have to order a minimum number of shirts?

Nope. You can order 1 shirt, or a ton of shirts.  For details on cost please see our PRICING page.

Is there a setup fee for each order?


Where do I order the blank t-shirts, hoodies, etc.?

We can provide the garments, or you can provide your own.  We obtain blanks directly from the manufacturer, and are able to access a wide variety of apparel and order them for you at wholesale prices.

What are your payment methods?

Orders under $200 will require payment up-front. Orders over $200 can be paid in 2 payments: half up-front, and the remaining half+shipping upon completion.  We accept debit, and major credit cards.  Paypal is our preferred method, which is the trusted internet standard.  There is no need for you to own a Paypal account, however let us know if you do have one.

What is your return policy?

There is a small percentage of print error, which is normal.  However, we do our absolute best to give you a quality product.  If there is any defect or you are unhappy for any reason, let us know and we’ll replace it.


What type of image file do I need?

We require using TIFF or PNG files, in RGB format.  We also accept Adobe Photoshop (.psd) and Illustrator (.ai) files, or JPEG and GIFs of 300 dpi or higher.  Web images are only 72 dpi and will print blurry, therefore they will have to be graphically redrawn.  Please make sure to make backgrounds TRANSPARENT, so you don’t get a white box around your image.  If this is Greek to you, we offer graphic design services.  See PRICING page for graphic design prices. Just tell us what you need and we’ll draft it up for you.

How large can my printed image be?

We can print images up to 12″x16″.  We cannot print over seams or zippers. DTG machines have a lazer that detects obstructions and cannot print over them.

Can I do any color I want?

Yes.  Our DTG prints are full color, with the capability to print photos, small details, and shading in over 16 million colors.  Even dark shirts are okay, as our printer uses WHITE ink along with the CYMK.

**Feel free to contact us with any further questions.

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